Ingredient: Love

2 Feb
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Ingredient: Love

“I want my kids to be full of confidence that in their relationships, love is the only ingredient they are looking for.”

I was quick enough to jot this quote down but didn’t remember who said it or where I read it. It definitely made an impact on me.

With Valentine’s near, love is a hot topic in February. Where to go out to celebrate your love … gifts to give to show your love … how to express your love … all these are topics of conversation, blogs and tweets but what relationship does confidence have with love?

As a mother, the statement above is true.  I do want my boys to be so full of confidence that in their relationships, love is the only ingredient they are looking for.

Recently, I asked my son, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

He said, “An astronaut.”

“You can be it!” I cheered.

“Mom, what do you want to be? A girl astronaut? Mom, you can be it!” he said right back.

The truth is I was relieved he answered for me because I didn’t have an answer for him.  And I knew if I did, he would have the same response: You can be it!  It made me question “What if I live by the rules and encouragement that I give my sons?”

What if I had enough confidence that all I was looking for in other relationships was love … not approval, acceptance or validation.  (Calm down, I’m not talking about my husband … that’s a different post!)

For example, with food.  I am struggling right now to eat healthy on my fitness journey.  It’s no secret I love food.  The relationship goes wrong when I indulge in comfort food.  Does that have anything to do with my confidence?  I don’t know.  It could.  What if I was so confident in my ability to reach my fitness goals, all I needed was the love of a healthy lifestyle & good-for-my-body food?

What about my ongoing battle with learning Spanish?! Ay, ay, ay! Admittedly, I shy away from speaking it because I do not have confidence that I will speak correctly.  What if I had enough confidence in myself that I could transform my relationship with this language?  And my love for the language was enough to engage in conversation.  Imagine – me having enough confidence in myself that I actually begin a conversation with a native speaker knowing that I will make mistakes and doing it anyway.

I’m not a therapist or a counselor but I think this confidence thing has a lot to do with this love thing.

No matter what happens in your relationships with the people in your life, the dreams you have, the challenges you will face, do you have enough confidence in yourself to only need love as the ingredient?

I’m off to begin a love affair with healthy food and Spanish … shhh … don’t tell my husband …


2 Responses to “Ingredient: Love”

  1. Debi February 2, 2012 at 7:45 am #

    So proud of you!!

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