In defense of our babies

3 Nov

I don’t normally just ‘reblog’ another bloggers posts but this one brought me to tears. Our kids are our babies. Well said, Vanessa.

Vanessa Mártir's Blog

I didn’t want to see the video. I heard about it on Facebook, of course. That tends to be the place I hear about all the horrible shit happening in the world, especially to people of color. I actually avoided the video. When I saw it on my feed, I quickly scrolled down. This can’t be possible. Not again. Dios mio, in a school?! Eventually I gave in and watched it. My chest seized. I thought of my daughter. I thought of the damage I would do to any pendejo who dared put a finger on my child. I posted it as my status: “I’ll say this in no uncertain terms: You put your hands on my kid, Imma come for you.” I don’t condone violence but I protect mine. I am, after all, from 1980s Bushwick, when it was all grit and rubble, before the yoga studios and fifteen…

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