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MiiCharacter on the Wii #WordlessWednesday

25 Jul



My five-year-old’s MiiCharacter of me on the Wii. Created. All. By. Him. Self.


My Birthday with Janis

5 Jul

So here we are … post 35 of 35. *exhale*

I wondered what I would share with you on my last post of this series. Would I have some great epiphany over the last 35 days? Hmmm, for now, I just keep going back to what I said to the first person I talked with on the phone this morning. My uncle Brian called (Facebook birthday wishes are awesome but phone calls rock!). In our conversation I said, “Thirty didn’t bother me but I kinda feel like I should be all grown up at thirty-five.”

Let me share with you a little about my uncle. He is important to me for many reasons. He has offered me sound advice, he listens to me when I talk and has just always been there for me. One reason I am indebted to him forever is because he introduced me to Janis … yes, Janis Joplin.

ahhhh … my absolute favorite song from her!

Here’s where I’m going with this …

Janis Joplin was not cool with the kids in my school when I was listening to her. What was this little Mexican girl doing listening to a gringa sing oldies rock-n-roll anyway? I didn’t care. I connected with her soulful voice and heart wrenching songs. For me, she resembled a unique identity through story telling that anyone can relate to. Nadie cantó como Janis when Janis was singing.

I have made new friends and bonded with great friends over Janis Joplin’s songs. I remember singing “Me and Bobby McGee” at the top of our lungs at parties with a dear college friend. Her Greatest Hits CD was playing full blast on my six-hour drive home from college – on repeat. Introducing others to Janis … yeah, that’s the best. A sweet friend of mine recently sent me a message because she was listening to Janis and she thought of me. She said she actually thinks of me every time she hears a song by Janis.

So today, a new friend shared that Me and Bobby McGee YouTube video. I sat in my home office, clicked play and turned up the volume on my laptop. And when it was over, I clicked play again. Memories came back, I sang the tune with all my heart … I realized that I am grown up. Because when I wasn’t a grown up, it was always the grown ups that would listen to the oldies over and over again saying things like “yeah, that was a good year!”

¡Salud to a ‘Good Year’! Rock on Janis!

Me and my Pearl: The Obessions and passions of Janis Joplin, a biography by Ellis Amburn

Thanks for being a part of my 35 in 35 posts series! 

post 35 of 35 … 

We got ‘busted’ for playing in the sprinklers!

26 Jun

The high today in San Antonio, TX was 105˚ …  Yikes! These hot summer days remind me of being young and playing around in the water. Okay they don’t remind me so much of playing in the water as much as they make me want to play in the water!

Photo from

Growing up my parents both worked full time jobs. That meant when my older sister, my younger brother and I were out of school for summer we stayed at home . Some of my favorite memories were running out in the front yard, turning on the manguera (water hose) and spraying each other with water! We would take turns holding the manguera and playing ‘under the rainbow’ or targeting each other with the water stream or turning on the sprinkler and just playing!

Of course, my dad would come home and see the wet yard, wet sidewalks and muddy footprints. We would get an earful for wasting all the water. Oops! We never thought about the fact that someone had to pay for all that extra water. We were forbidden to EVER do it again. Unfortunately, we didn’t listen. We just thought we would ‘out smart’ our parents and play in the water earlier in the day so it would all be dry by the time they got home.

One day a local newspaper photographer was drove by, stopped and asked if she could take some photos to feature in the paper for summer fun. “Sure!” We weren’t in our small town newspaper very often. We were excited to have our photo taken and be in the newspaper!

We didn’t take in to account that we would actually BE in the newspaper!  Two days later … Busted! HAHAHA!

What are your favorite summer time childhood memories?

post 26 of 35 … 

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