About Mendez-Gonzales

I’m a Latina blogger. I am Latina and I blog. I am Texicana: Mexican decent born in Texas, never lived in Mexico. And this begins my identity crisis.

Learning and living my culture all at once is a journey I didn’t expect to love. Keeping traditions, changing recipes, turning in to my mom, understanding history, losing generations, raising my own family, experiencing events my grandparents never imagined, looking Mexican, speaking ‘gringa’ … this is my life folks.

I love to laugh! Most of the time it is at myself after realizing how dramatic I was acting over … nothing!

Living life one day at a time is a skill. I can get carried away in my chaos before I stop and remember to count my blessings. Not many dull moments around here.

I never thought I would get married and have kids and then I did.

And my husband is the man God chose to teach me um, well, um … communication, partnership, patience … to cook and clean even when I don’t want to. En serio, I’ve learned how to love another human being for exactly who they are and exactly who they are not.

The most intriguing, adventurous, heart-breaking, heart-filling, challenging job I will ever love: motherhood. I prayed for boys and God sure did deliver! My two superheroes, Spiderman and Capt. America, give me a perfect excuse to live out my inner-Marvel geek! I get to learn and teach Spanish and many other lessons I didn’t know came with the territory.

When I grow up, I want to be … Oh wait!

My career has gone from retail management to direct sales to public relations to supporting entrepreneurs in joining the social media experience and coordinating events. It doesn’t feel like work when you are supporting others do what they love. Passion is contagious!

I’ll work overtime to share messages of justice, education, health, faith and family.

¡Salud! … to sharing my stories about culture and celebrating yours! (Or if you are like me, to new experiences in creating culture!)

Abrazos y besitos,


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