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My Reasons for Raising Bilingual Boys

27 Jul

If you have read my Story of Qué, you know that I did not grow up speaking Spanish and I’m still not proficient today. Even though I have studied Spanish in college, have studied abroad in Spain and have taken adult learning Spanish classes, nothing has motivated me to learn more than wanting my children to know Spanish.

When I was growing up, if my parents didn’t want us to know what they were discussing, they would switch to Spanish. Ugh! (My parents didn’t teach us Spanish because when they used it in school, they were shamed or punished.) Admittedly, I use the little Spanish I know and communicate with my husband when I don’t want my son to know what I am saying.  It’s not very fair or nice, yo sé, pero here’s what I have learned: my son didn’t want to learn UNTIL he heard me speak Spanish at home … consistently. Entonces hablo Español en la casa con frecuencia.

Two friends of mine have their children in a local Dual Language Program through their school. I asked them why did they choose to enroll their children in this program. Here are their answers:

“Our decision to enroll our children in a Spanish dual program is very much based on wanting them to have deep roots in their Hispanic heritage coupled with the advantages that being bilingual will present in their future,” says Michelle Hernandez with Family Love in my City.

Colleen Pence from San Antonio Mom Blogs shares, “As our daughter grows into adulthood, speaking a second language will make her more marketable in whatever career or path she chooses. She is very proud of her Spanish speaking abilities and, as parents (and non-Spanish speakers), it’s exciting to watch her language development grow.”

It’s encouraging to have friends who also are not fluent in Spanish but share the desire for our children to learn Spanish. For all the reasons above and all the reasons in the infographic below, we want our boys to learn Spanish. There’s also something in the learning process that makes me want them to learn. Parents, do you remember the feeling you had when you heard your child’s first words? Well, I get to experience that doubly as our son learns Spanish. My heart smiles when I hear him use a Spanish phrase without being prompted like “Mami, te amo muchisimo!”

The school my son would attend does not have a dual language program. So it is up to my husband (who thankfully is bilingual) and I to create the environment for our boys to learn. There is another reason I want them to learn Spanish. For our family, it will be another experience we will get to create together. My husband is greatly involved too mostly because he says I sound like Peggy Hill from King of the Hill and he hopes that my boys won’t sound like that!

Next week, I will share the resources I use to teach my boys Spanish.

For now, enjoy this infographic from Spanglishbaby.com

Hot-doggin’ it …

31 Aug

Thanks to SABusyKids, I found out the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was coming to San Antonio.  I couldn’t wait to take my sons to see it!

It was my first time to see the Wienermobile too.  I decided to invite my mommy-friends out.  Glad a few of them made it!

The Hotdoggers took free pictures and let us take a few of our own.  They had this cool gadget that took the pic and then you entered your email address on something that looked like an iPad. About half an hour later, you had your official Wienermobile picture!

Here are a few photos …

IMAG0239 Spidey pose!

Spiderman Wienermobile

  He couldn’t get enough of the free stickers!

Okay, we only took 2. Left plenty for everyone.

Did I mention we drove across town to see it?  Lil brother couldn’t stay awake so naturally, mommy had to hold him and make sure he was in the photo too!

It was a short visit but cool to see kids and adults get excited to see this American treat!

Read a full interview with Turkey Dog Tyler (the Hotdogger who drives this Wienermobile and is snapped our photos) on Kens5 here.

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