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Can a Fun Run motivate me to work out again?

4 Jun

I’ve been on a bit of a workout hiatus. In order to motivate myself to workout again, let me tell you about a my very first Fun Run!

As part of San Antonio’s FIESTA, SARR (San Antonio Road Runners) hosts Fiesta Fandango 2.6 Mile Fun Run. The route  is through downtown San Antonio just before the  Flambeau Night Parade, the largest illuminated parade in the United States. Before the race even begins, the crowd of thousands is already lined up along the downtown streets waiting for this spectacular parade to begin. It looks something like this:

Crowd in front of the Alamo


Bleachers full of spectators!

It’s a good thing I had never been to this parade because if I had known I was going to have to run, eh-hem walk, in front of all these people, I would not have shown up!

Oh, one more thing. Every year there is a theme and the runners dress in costumes. This year’s theme: Saturday Night at the Movies.

“I’m Sexy and I know it” and his Superheroes!


Movie: 8 seconds


Jessie and Woody from Toy Story


Captain America

These are just a few of the costumes, there are some amazing photos on SARR’s online slideshow.

The lovely ladies from Shakira B. Workout Crew kinda became our running buddies. Even though we didn’t officially meet until after the race, it was nice to have a group to keep pace with throughout the run. They were one of many local organizations that participated.

San Antonio ladies from Shakira B. Workout Crew

I don’t know how those adventurous runners run in those awesome costumes! I grabbed a pink shirt, belted it and wrapped a scarf around my neck. That’s as many accessories I can have on me when I’m about to run 2.6 miles! It was the BEST time though! Even with all the onlookers hootin’ and hollarin’, it was great to see all the costumes, to see San Antonio peeps out to enjoy the last parade of Fiesta and to run alongside my friend Deborah! Thanks Deborah for encouraging me to run and for the memories that make me smile.

Me and Deborah ready to run!

Remembering how what a great time I had does encourage me to get back to the gym. These events are always more fun when you push yourself and you can reach your next fitness goal. I’m looking for my next run where I do want to have fun but also challenge myself to a better finish time. What do you do to spice things up or to motivate yourself to workout?

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I love to work out; then why am I not doing it?

17 Oct

Since July I have been working with a personal trainer to get fit.

Prior to July I had been working out on my own 3-4 times a week.  It was only after having an orientation with my trainer that I realized how easy I was being on myself.  Sure I could run longer on a treadmill, get through Zumba and BodyPump classes but I wasn’t able to do one sit up on my own!

So my adventure with my trainer began.  I had all the measurements taken: weight, inches, BMI, body fat %, etc.  All that told me was I was about 20lbs heavier that I had wished; about 4 inches larger in my waist than I wished and I had just over 30% body fat.  Which is considered overweight (for me, not everyone).  Ugh, it only confirmed what I had suspected.

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Try something new. Wait, I’ve had this before …

6 Aug

I’ve been working out and changing the way I eat. No really, I have. I even treated myself to a personal trainer on my birthday. And she guides me with nutrition too. But this post isn’t about how fabulous I am doing or how hot I am going to look … Ha.

It’s about me sharing how trying new things can bring back fond memories.

My trainer suggested that I eat a grapefruit or orange everyday. They are belly fat reducer foods … Or something like that. I was avoiding eating the grapefruit because I thought I wouldn’t like it.

The first one I peeled like an orange and sure enough I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get to the juiciest part of the flesh. The next one I cut in half and scooped it out with a spoon. What happened next was pretty amazing … It took me back to my childhood when I would eat these with my mom. Just like that … Cut in half and eat with a spoon, y un poquito sal por favor. I think maybe that was the grapefruit diet fad. Or she just really liked them?! I didn’t ask but admittedly I texted her to make sure the memories were real. Sure enough, I was right (that happens sometimes)! The memory of being with her and having a grapefruit just made me smile.

Yep,m I love how God stores those memories for you and brings them right back … I posted before about how I knew this about memory and sense of smell. I hadn’t experienced it with taste.

Changing my eating habits led me to making soup in 102 degree weather … In August … In Texas. Crazy? Yes. I’m working on eating fresh, healthy foods and my son has many, many food allergies and this soup was a match! Chickpea and spinach soup. A variation from Bethenny Frankel’s White Bean and Spinach Soup. (whose book: The Skinnygirl Dish will make you want to stay in your kitchen! … And cook) The soup was refreshingly easy to make and To.Die. For. Delicious! And totally worth the warmth.


I sit down and get half way through my bowl and to my surprise, decade-old memories of sitting at a different table rush over me. The recipe wasn’t the same but the flavors must have been just the right mixture to send my memory back to college sitting somewhere eating, chatting and laughing with my friend Jessica … This time the memory of the exact place isn’t so clear but sharing that time with her is. Amazingly, I don’t think I’ve seen her since.

Do you cook something or eat something in particular just because of the memories the taste holds?

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