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Does eating Mac & Cheese make you less Latino?

23 Jul

I enjoy being a customer of Dish Network and this weekend they gave me laughs which is another reason to love them. On a regular basis they give us a few weeks of free channels that we don’t normally get with our current subscription. So far, we’ve been able to enjoy them without actually upgrading but they are making it harder.

This go around we are able to get a free preview of Nuvo TV, a channel that serves bi-cultural Latinos in English. Kraft Mac & Cheese chose an appropriate network to air their latest commercials, even if the commercials are in Spanish. Actually, the programming is in English but a lot of the commercials are in Spanish? (These commercials might air on other networks but I, personally, have only seen them on NuvoTV.)

The new Kraft Mac n Cheese commercials had me cracking up!

This one is about how a mother and a son are ‘secretly’ making the other happy. The son does his best to be Latino for his mom and the mom does her best to be American. Yet, they both agree on Kraft Mac n Cheese.

In this commercial the father and son prove that eating Kraft Mac & Cheese doesn’t make you any less Latino.

So thanks Dish Network, NuvoTV and Kraft Mac & Cheese for the laughs! See all the commercials on Kraft Mac & Cheese Youtube Channel.


This is not an endorsement or a paid review for any product, network or service. The commercials just really made me laugh, I had to share.

Foodie Mamas are Sane Mamas

19 Jun

Mothers and wives: Always have something for yourself.

Since I have been married, I have always had something for myself – a dedicated time just for you. When I was in direct sales, it was a weekly meeting  – one night every week I knew I would be without my husband or kids. I’ve been blessed belong to a stay at home mom group who meets for playdates but more importantly, has one Mom’s Night Out once a month. And sometimes it’s Mom’s Night In just to hang out. Last week, I introduced you to another group –  Christian Women’s Small Business Association. Having these connections where you can talk to other adults with out being a *just* a wife or a mom will keep you sane.

Recently, I met another fabulous group of mamas, San Antonio’s Foodie Mamas. This group is mainly led by Bryanna or @oursommlife who is married to a sommelier. She knows her food, people! And wine! She, with help of other foodie mamas, pick a hot and fabulous San Antonio restaurant and about once a month, we meet for delicious gourmet food, wine and lots of laughs.

Admittedly, our family is not a ‘foodie’ family. We tend to stay on the side of chain restaurants or taquerías. When I first heard about this group, I thought ‘what a wonderful way to meet other mamas who blog. After all, food creates community’. However, I was nervous about  those fancy restaurants. THANKFULLY I went anyway. Because of these mamas, I have been to some of the best restaurants and eaten some of the most delicious and well prepared food since I studied in Spain! And I only had gourmet food there because our instructor insisted we eat ‘real’ food.

Our most recent lunch was at Bin 555 Restaurant and Wine Bar. Somehow the food is even better when the chef comes out at every course and describes the ingredients, where they came from and how they prepared it. Thanks Chef  Jason Dady for the special Foodie Mamas attention!

Bin 555’s Foodie Mamas Menu:

Texas Peach Mint Julep Cocktail

Lemon Cucumber-Cantaloupe Gazpacho with Shaved Fennel Pepper Salad and Micro Shiso

Salad of Summer Squash with House Ricotta, Patiio Basil and Charred Tomato Vinaigrette. This salad was my favorite course!! And it’s not easy to pick a favorite.

Fried Chicken with Marble Potatoes, Braised Kale and Honey Butter (shoulda been ‘Hon-ae Butta’)

Texas Peaches with Lemon Poundcake, Mascarpone and Basil. That’s basil powder! Pretty cool, eh?

The super star chefs at Bin 555. @ChefRFN @chefpjedwards @chefjasondady

The ladies  may argue whether or not #foodiemamas are sane mamas.

Either way, they allow just enough of my crazy to come out to keep me sane!

Thanks #foodiemamas for opening my palate, my mind and my heart! Cheers to many more brunches, lunches and dinners! ¡Salud!

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Someone Stole Grandma’s Recipe and Put It In a Can

15 Jun

Embarrassing stories are easier to tell as you get older … no, embarrassing stories are easier to tell as you get more comfortable in your own skin. Here’s one about me and food.

When I was a young girl, I was blessed enough to know my great-grandparents. My grandpa’s mom (we called her Mo) was always in the kitchen. I don’t have many memories of  her that didn’t involve food and the kitchen. Everyone was always happy to sit at the table and eat up her delicious cooking, especially homemade tortillas. But everyone knew if you sat next to my great-grandpa, you were likely to get a love-slap on the face with that warm tortilla! You somehow never knew when it was coming.

My great-grandma made many delicious meals. One of my favorite dishes was her side of creamed corn. Mmm, mmm, mmm. I don’t know what all she put in that corn but I truly believed she created the whole idea of creamed corn! I never ate it anywhere else. I always wanted more. I LOVE CORN! And I really loved her creamed corn.

Fast forward 15 years or so. I am shopping for myself in my college town. This is one of the very first times I have bought my own food in a grocery store. I am standing in the canned vegetable aisle. What do I see on the shelf?


“Oh-May-Gah! Someone stole grandma’s cream corn recipe and put it in a can!”

Yep, I really thought they had ripped her off. Mo had long since passed so I couldn’t alert her to this news flash. In that moment, I was angry that anybody would do that to my great-grandma.

At least five years passed and I would see that cream corn style can time after time in the grocery store. One day, out of no where, it dawned on me:

Maybe my Mo didn’t invent creamed corn.

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