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Get Real: Hey Jealousy!

11 Jun

“Get Real” posts will have give you insight on topics that are real but not always pretty.


1. Resentment against a rival, person enjoying success or advantage or against another’s success or advantage itself.


1. A longing to possess something awarded to or achieved by another

I have struggled with both of these.  The main difference is jealousy denotes a resentment that another has gained something. This has been a recent struggle that has reared it’s ugly head!

In my experiences, either because we are in the South (raised with Southern hospitality) or because we are Mexican-American (don’t talk about our feelings), we mostly have not been taught to deal with or even acknowledge these feelings. IF we do talk about them, we usually make it gossip or chisme. We criticize la otra or others. Because if we can make him/her look bad, then we are justified in our feelings without having to admit we are jealous.

GREEN EYED MONSTER? photo from sxc.hu

Where I have noticed the green-eyed monster come out is in the area of career and success. Here are two examples of how I have recognized that I am jealous at times and envious at other times. And it’s not always with rivals but sometimes even friends. It ain’t pretty.

I am envious of someone else’s rockin’ project. I put a bid in to work on that project. It  just seems to be the coolest organization; they are so great at what they do; AND it is a well-paid gig.

I am envious. I long to possess such an awesome project.

I am jealous of a friend’s successful career. She is respected and has many recognized accomplishments. However, she’s made light of how much effort she actually gives, I don’t think that she really deserves her level of success.

(I told you it’s not pretty.)

I am jealous. I don’t want her life.

I just resent that she has had so much success with such little effort.

Looking for guidance, I began reading scriptures that teach us that being jealous is essentially bad for us and to not be jealous. (ok, that sounds right.) I also began reading devotionals on and offline. In one of the devotionals, these words jumped off the page:

“Jealousy can be a feeling of not believing you are enough.”

OUCH! That is the stabbing pain from the reality of the statement. Whether you believe in Jesus, the Universe or any higher power, it makes sense. If we (I) knew and actually believed – 100% of the time – that we are (I am) exactly where we (I) should be at the exact time and place, others’ success wouldn’t turn us (me) in to the green-eyed monster.

Here’s my plan to overcome this:

1. Prayer and meditation. I know how to do this: My post on thoughts and meditation.

2. Be willing to do the work!  Someone brilliant once told me: Jealousy can be a good thing if it makes you work harder to reach your goals.

3. Stop worrying about me and start to focus on helping others. Helping others with no expectations in return is like a golden ticket to enjoying life.

Do you know a Jealous Jane?

Can you recognize areas in your life where you might be seeing the green-eyed monster?

Can you get real about it?

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CWSBA on Great Day SA

10 Jun

Every once in a while, you are blessed to find a group of people that make a positive impact on your life. For almost five years, I have been a part of a empowering group of women – San Antonio’s Christian Women’s Small Business Association. This group of women share a purpose of building their own business and a passion to serve God along the way. We encourage one another to be our best in our roles as entrepreneurs, business owners, sales professionals, ministers or work at home moms. I’ve received great business advice, referrals and prayer at our meetings. Oh, we have fun too!! Some of these ladies have become my life long friends.

Last week we were invited to KENS 5 morning show, Great Day SA, to be in the studio audience. Great Day SA is a local morning show in San Antonio aired live Monday- Friday at 9am Central time. We had the best time! If you have not ever been on set for Great Day SA, it is an incredible experience. The whole staff moved at the speed of light to make sure the TV audience gets a great show! And still they made us feel like VIP.

Doc Watkins and South Texas Jazz band entertained us with all the tunes on the episode we were on, Wednesday, June 6. Check out Doc Watkins at LUNA on Thursday Nights.

The first guest on the show was senior writer with SA Express-News, Richard C. Oliver, who talked about the Spurs before their final game in the NBA Western Conference Finals. Because I love Twitter, it just makes my day when I meet Tweeps I follow in real life. So it was super cool to get to meet Richard. Follow him @richardcoliver for info about all things sports in San Antonio.

After the show all the ladies posed for a photo with host Bridget Smith. Thanks for the ‘photojournalistic’ angle, Jessica! (wink)

My dear friend and founder of CWSBA, Anna Quesada, and me on set before the show! Thanks for setting this all up Anna and inviting us to come along!

And finally, I was so excited to take my own photo with Bridget! She is a hometown girl, born and raised in San Antonio. I love her energy on the show! She also surprised us with a little performance on the organ playing a little gospel music during one of the breaks! A woman of many talents …

Christian Women’s Business Association meets once a month, usually the third Thursday of the month. Our next meeting is June 21, 2012 at 11:30am. Visit www.cwsba.com for more information. If you share the same purpose and passions, we would love to see you there!

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Can a Fun Run motivate me to work out again?

4 Jun

I’ve been on a bit of a workout hiatus. In order to motivate myself to workout again, let me tell you about a my very first Fun Run!

As part of San Antonio’s FIESTA, SARR (San Antonio Road Runners) hosts Fiesta Fandango 2.6 Mile Fun Run. The route  is through downtown San Antonio just before the  Flambeau Night Parade, the largest illuminated parade in the United States. Before the race even begins, the crowd of thousands is already lined up along the downtown streets waiting for this spectacular parade to begin. It looks something like this:

Crowd in front of the Alamo


Bleachers full of spectators!

It’s a good thing I had never been to this parade because if I had known I was going to have to run, eh-hem walk, in front of all these people, I would not have shown up!

Oh, one more thing. Every year there is a theme and the runners dress in costumes. This year’s theme: Saturday Night at the Movies.

“I’m Sexy and I know it” and his Superheroes!


Movie: 8 seconds


Jessie and Woody from Toy Story


Captain America

These are just a few of the costumes, there are some amazing photos on SARR’s online slideshow.

The lovely ladies from Shakira B. Workout Crew kinda became our running buddies. Even though we didn’t officially meet until after the race, it was nice to have a group to keep pace with throughout the run. They were one of many local organizations that participated.

San Antonio ladies from Shakira B. Workout Crew

I don’t know how those adventurous runners run in those awesome costumes! I grabbed a pink shirt, belted it and wrapped a scarf around my neck. That’s as many accessories I can have on me when I’m about to run 2.6 miles! It was the BEST time though! Even with all the onlookers hootin’ and hollarin’, it was great to see all the costumes, to see San Antonio peeps out to enjoy the last parade of Fiesta and to run alongside my friend Deborah! Thanks Deborah for encouraging me to run and for the memories that make me smile.

Me and Deborah ready to run!

Remembering how what a great time I had does encourage me to get back to the gym. These events are always more fun when you push yourself and you can reach your next fitness goal. I’m looking for my next run where I do want to have fun but also challenge myself to a better finish time. What do you do to spice things up or to motivate yourself to workout?

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