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¿Qué dijo mi esposo about Big Ang?

18 Jul

Most evenings in our house go something like this … after we get the boys tucked in their beds, my husband stays in our bedroom to watch TV and surf the internet on his smart phone. I go to my ‘home office’ space to surf the internet and catch up on work. Sometimes I linger around to chit chat before leaving because I’m a night owl and don’t go to bed until way after he is asleep. However, tonight, before I could even get to our door my husband shooshes me away and says,

“Oh yeah! Big Ang comes on at eight!”

¿Qué dijo mi esposo?

Big Ang is a spin-off reality TV show from VHI’s MobWives. She is the ‘larger than life’ character who is sharing her life in her reality show where she runs a bar, hangs out with her ‘cougar’ friends and talks about wise guys. I openly admit that these outrageous reality shows are my guilty pleasures. I know you should guard what you are feeding your mind but hey, every now and then, I get hooked. Don’t judge. (or do, lo que sea.)

But my husband?! I thought men were not supposed to enjoy these shows … haha! I do recall him sitting next to me on the couch every week watching a different reality show about a famous, talentless family. When I reminded him of that, he said “Pero, it was so I could spend time with you.” O, sí, so you could spend time with me?!

Here is my response to my husband’s interest in reality drama …

Because we all know there is drama in football!



What my husband said about Magic Mike

29 Jun

Sometimes I can’t believe the words that come out of my husband’s mouth.

He has earned his own category on ¿Qué Means What? 

¿Qué dijo mi esposo?

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: I've seen tons of posts about Magic Mike ... pobrecitas, and then they have to come home to us. LOL!

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Foodie Mamas are Sane Mamas

19 Jun

Mothers and wives: Always have something for yourself.

Since I have been married, I have always had something for myself – a dedicated time just for you. When I was in direct sales, it was a weekly meeting  – one night every week I knew I would be without my husband or kids. I’ve been blessed belong to a stay at home mom group who meets for playdates but more importantly, has one Mom’s Night Out once a month. And sometimes it’s Mom’s Night In just to hang out. Last week, I introduced you to another group –  Christian Women’s Small Business Association. Having these connections where you can talk to other adults with out being a *just* a wife or a mom will keep you sane.

Recently, I met another fabulous group of mamas, San Antonio’s Foodie Mamas. This group is mainly led by Bryanna or @oursommlife who is married to a sommelier. She knows her food, people! And wine! She, with help of other foodie mamas, pick a hot and fabulous San Antonio restaurant and about once a month, we meet for delicious gourmet food, wine and lots of laughs.

Admittedly, our family is not a ‘foodie’ family. We tend to stay on the side of chain restaurants or taquerías. When I first heard about this group, I thought ‘what a wonderful way to meet other mamas who blog. After all, food creates community’. However, I was nervous about  those fancy restaurants. THANKFULLY I went anyway. Because of these mamas, I have been to some of the best restaurants and eaten some of the most delicious and well prepared food since I studied in Spain! And I only had gourmet food there because our instructor insisted we eat ‘real’ food.

Our most recent lunch was at Bin 555 Restaurant and Wine Bar. Somehow the food is even better when the chef comes out at every course and describes the ingredients, where they came from and how they prepared it. Thanks Chef  Jason Dady for the special Foodie Mamas attention!

Bin 555’s Foodie Mamas Menu:

Texas Peach Mint Julep Cocktail

Lemon Cucumber-Cantaloupe Gazpacho with Shaved Fennel Pepper Salad and Micro Shiso

Salad of Summer Squash with House Ricotta, Patiio Basil and Charred Tomato Vinaigrette. This salad was my favorite course!! And it’s not easy to pick a favorite.

Fried Chicken with Marble Potatoes, Braised Kale and Honey Butter (shoulda been ‘Hon-ae Butta’)

Texas Peaches with Lemon Poundcake, Mascarpone and Basil. That’s basil powder! Pretty cool, eh?

The super star chefs at Bin 555. @ChefRFN @chefpjedwards @chefjasondady

The ladies  may argue whether or not #foodiemamas are sane mamas.

Either way, they allow just enough of my crazy to come out to keep me sane!

Thanks #foodiemamas for opening my palate, my mind and my heart! Cheers to many more brunches, lunches and dinners! ¡Salud!

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