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Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

27 Jun


Remember that great restaurant that I mentioned my husband loves in my Customer Service post?

This is one of their desserts!

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Family Time, Say Cheese!

2 Jun

About a year ago when we found out that our youngest son has many severe food allergies, it changed our lives. Other than the constant monitoring of his food, I have become aware of the ingredients of the food I am feeding my family.

So these days I am appreciative of food companies that are responsible for what they put in their products. Thanks to my friend Michelle at Family Love in My City, my family received an invitation from Tillamook  for a lunch in the park and a day at the zoo as part of their Texas Loaf Love Tour. We were excited about our family day and to learn about Tillamook’s commitment to not using artificial growth hormones or using any cow’s milk that could have antibiotics in it’s system.


Loafy and my son in the park.

The lunch was great with fresh fruit, and grilled cheese sandwiches. There were games for the kids, face painting and Loafy made an appearance. Each family entered their own grilled cheese creation in a cook off. Hats off to Michelle and her family for winning the overall prize of the Grilled Cheese Cook off!  We named our creation “Alright, alright, alriiiiiiight” but it wasn’t alright enough to win 😦


The Gonzales family and the Alright, Alright Alriiiiight grilled cheese creation.

After the fun in the park, we headed over to the San Antonio Zoo. My boys were thrilled to see so many animals and take a train ride in Brackenridge park.



Thank you Tillamook for our samples of shredded cheese that we got to take home. We did receive a recipe guide but I was anxious to try the delicious cheese on some of my favorite dishes. My breakfast tacos were topped off with the Mexican PepperJack and Medium Cheddar cheese. The tacos are made with egg substitute, pico de gallo and blue corn tortillas. Por supuesto, me encantan mis tacos


Egg and cheese breakfast tacos


Chicken chalupas

Later on we topped off our homemade shredded chicken chalupas with Tillamook’s Medium Cheddar Cheese. For the chalupas, we slightly fried our corn tortillas, topped them with refried beans, shredded chicken breast, lettuce and tomatoes, sliced avocados and of course cheese!

All in all, my family enjoyed time at the park with new friends, family time at the San Antonio Zoo and two delicious meals which gives us what? … even more time together as a family. Thanks for sharing your ‘Loaf Love” with San Antonio.

Visit their website to find out where to buy Tillamook products and if the tour is coming close to you.

Qué Means What did receive a lunch for the family in the park, day passes to the San Antonio Zoo and three 8 oz. bags of shredded cheese from Tillamook. The opinions are my own.  

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Meeting Eva and Cooking with Mom!

5 Jun

After watching Eva Longoria on an interview with Pierce Morgan, I started following her on Twitter.  (where I found out she’d be signing books in San Antonio)  I’m most impressed that she is going to school for her Master’s in Chicano Studies.  As a Mexican-American from Texas, I can’t help but look to her as an example of “anything is possible”.  She’s a successful actress, an entrepreneur, activist, author and more.

Yesterday, my mom and I waited in line for 2 hours at Williams-Sonoma to have our Eva’s Kitchen signed by the Miss L, herself.  At first it was great, we had samples of the recipes brought to us in line … yum! and the line seemed to be moving along just fine.  Then, after about the first hour, well, it wasn’t so great.  People in line were getting a little antsy.

We finally get in to meet her and … well, she was faboulous!  She was still so poised and gracious with every person who had waited in line to see her.   The only other celebrity I waited in line to meet was Troy Aikman at a Cowboys summer practice. Eva is prettier and smells better!  Her mom was by her side at the event too.

One notable part of waiting in line for so long was the time I had with my mom.  It’s become rare that she and I have time alone.  Most times that we are together, we are toting my two boys with us and they can be … um, a distraction?!  Really, we do have the best times with them.  I need my one on one mama time though.  We looked through Eva’s cookbook and chose recipes that we would make for dinner.  We had our girl talk, ate our tasty samples, took pictures and were seemingly annoyed by the same people in line.  (ha!)

After our short time to meet and have a picture taken with “la movie star”, we went straight to pick up my boys, took them to the grocery store and bought all the necessary items for our “Eva Longoria” dinner.  Here’s another magical moment: only my mom could show me how wonderful it is when you allow your four-year-old in the kitchen to help you make dinner.  Most times when I’m in the kitchen, I am shooing my boys out so I can get dinner done.  Not my mom.  She found tasks that mijo could do and he was beyond excited to be “helping.”

We made chili-rubbed skirt steak tacos with chunky guacamole (pg. 102)  and garlic green beans (pg. 141).  It was a hit!  Of course we picked up our favorite chips and salsa to munch on before and during our delicious meal.

Here’s what I know:  chili-rubbed skirt steak is so simple and tastes sooo yummy.  A dinner with family can be sooo simple and be the complete highlight of my day, even after meeting “la movie star”.

So thanks mom, Eva Longoria  and Williams-Sonoma!  As I reached for the cookbook to write this post, I see the phrase “cooking with love for family & friends” on the cover.  How perfect!


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