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Does eating Mac & Cheese make you less Latino?

23 Jul

I enjoy being a customer of Dish Network and this weekend they gave me laughs which is another reason to love them. On a regular basis they give us a few weeks of free channels that we don’t normally get with our current subscription. So far, we’ve been able to enjoy them without actually upgrading but they are making it harder.

This go around we are able to get a free preview of Nuvo TV, a channel that serves bi-cultural Latinos in English. Kraft Mac & Cheese chose an appropriate network to air their latest commercials, even if the commercials are in Spanish. Actually, the programming is in English but a lot of the commercials are in Spanish? (These commercials might air on other networks but I, personally, have only seen them on NuvoTV.)

The new Kraft Mac n Cheese commercials had me cracking up!

This one is about how a mother and a son are ‘secretly’ making the other happy. The son does his best to be Latino for his mom and the mom does her best to be American. Yet, they both agree on Kraft Mac n Cheese.

In this commercial the father and son prove that eating Kraft Mac & Cheese doesn’t make you any less Latino.

So thanks Dish Network, NuvoTV and Kraft Mac & Cheese for the laughs! See all the commercials on Kraft Mac & Cheese Youtube Channel.


This is not an endorsement or a paid review for any product, network or service. The commercials just really made me laugh, I had to share.


CWSBA on Great Day SA

10 Jun

Every once in a while, you are blessed to find a group of people that make a positive impact on your life. For almost five years, I have been a part of a empowering group of women – San Antonio’s Christian Women’s Small Business Association. This group of women share a purpose of building their own business and a passion to serve God along the way. We encourage one another to be our best in our roles as entrepreneurs, business owners, sales professionals, ministers or work at home moms. I’ve received great business advice, referrals and prayer at our meetings. Oh, we have fun too!! Some of these ladies have become my life long friends.

Last week we were invited to KENS 5 morning show, Great Day SA, to be in the studio audience. Great Day SA is a local morning show in San Antonio aired live Monday- Friday at 9am Central time. We had the best time! If you have not ever been on set for Great Day SA, it is an incredible experience. The whole staff moved at the speed of light to make sure the TV audience gets a great show! And still they made us feel like VIP.

Doc Watkins and South Texas Jazz band entertained us with all the tunes on the episode we were on, Wednesday, June 6. Check out Doc Watkins at LUNA on Thursday Nights.

The first guest on the show was senior writer with SA Express-News, Richard C. Oliver, who talked about the Spurs before their final game in the NBA Western Conference Finals. Because I love Twitter, it just makes my day when I meet Tweeps I follow in real life. So it was super cool to get to meet Richard. Follow him @richardcoliver for info about all things sports in San Antonio.

After the show all the ladies posed for a photo with host Bridget Smith. Thanks for the ‘photojournalistic’ angle, Jessica! (wink)

My dear friend and founder of CWSBA, Anna Quesada, and me on set before the show! Thanks for setting this all up Anna and inviting us to come along!

And finally, I was so excited to take my own photo with Bridget! She is a hometown girl, born and raised in San Antonio. I love her energy on the show! She also surprised us with a little performance on the organ playing a little gospel music during one of the breaks! A woman of many talents …

Christian Women’s Business Association meets once a month, usually the third Thursday of the month. Our next meeting is June 21, 2012 at 11:30am. Visit www.cwsba.com for more information. If you share the same purpose and passions, we would love to see you there!

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